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Fangirl Challenge → [2/10] actresses

↳ Vera Farmiga

"I keep finding the most compelling characters in independent film. A lot of the roles in other kinds of films were peripheral princesses or just boring, boring women - female characters that were utterly ordinary and devoid of any personality or spirituality. Is that a reflection of what we’ve become as women? That’s something that we sometimes don’t think about. You see these stupid, materialist, horny, nympho characters that people put up there in movies, and you have to think: Is that what feminine dignity has come to?"

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Anonymous asked: do you know if closer to the moon is coming to theaters in the us? or any idea when its being released?


Haven’t heard anything about a US date.

Santa Fe Film Festival 2014 will be screening Closer to the Moon at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 3rd, at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in the Railyard.  

Producers  Michael Fitzgerald and Richard Romero  will be in attendance, as will starHarry Lloyd. :)

Vera Farmiga’s eyes :)


Whatever you say. 


Give us a band name (x)

Give us a band name (x)

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Hooray for YSL lipstick and sunshine and another @InsideBates ep (x)

Hooray for YSL lipstick and s and another ep (x)

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