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"I chase after inspiring stories."



"I find it unbelievable how amazing taissa is at what she does and how mediocre vera farmiga is"

forever laughing at this


“Vera Farmiga’s work on Bates Motel was harder to measure this season, because the series was, overall, much weaker, but she certainly deserved a place at the table more than Claire Danes or Kerry Washington did. And if we must nominate a series like Scandal, why must we nominate the least interesting character on it? Yes, there are very few good roles for black women on TV. I assure you, Olivia Pope isn’t one.”


This makes me so sad…all I can think about is what could’ve been.

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Norma Bates, the Queen of Emojis

Vera Farmiga - At Middleton

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Vera Farmiga in At Middleton (2013) [1/?]

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Emmy nominations Snubbed Vera Farmiga.


Nothing for Vera or Freddie 

this is bullshit

<Alice & Virgil>

Closer to the Moon

Vera Farmiga and Harry Lloyd

Vera Farmiga as Alice in Closer to the Moon

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